Breaking Out The Jail I Built

The inspiration behind FreeBirdz

Have you ever felt as if you had built a jail around your life, and you just couldn't escape all the horrible situation you were in? Well in my book "Breaking Out The Jail I Built" I take you on a journey of how I overcame obstacles that were meant to destroy me. I broke free. I am no longer a "Jail Bird" and am now a "FreeBird". Get your signed copy now.

"Breaking Out The Jail I Built"


Intuitive, Soothing, Protection

Amethyst Brings protection, stability & peace. Amethyst is known as the "Sobriety Stone," it aids in overcoming addictive & impulsive behaviors. It acts as a natural tranquilizer by calming & balancing the mind & emotions. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness & growth, it is ideal for meditation. Amethyst creates a protective barrier around the body when spiritually awakened. Amethyst assists in remembering & understanding dreams. Amethyst reduces anxiety & relieves insomnia, nightmares, & migraines. Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

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